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PrismArt Magic Cube

PrismArt Magic Cube

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🌈 A Kaleidoscope of Colors at Your Fingertips - Introducing our CMY Crystal Cube, a captivating prism where science meets art. Encased within this translucent acrylic cube are layers of cyan, magenta, and yellow, unveiling a new shade with every angle. Witness the mesmerizing dance of colors as green, red, and blue emerge from the blend, culminating in a radiant spectacle that will keep everyone hooked!

🏠 Breathe Life into Your Space - Measuring at a compact 40mm, this Crystal Cube doubles as a striking piece of décor. Whether it's your office, bedroom, or living room, this cube will infuse an artistic essence that soothes the senses and stirs the imagination.

🧠 An Engaging Educational Toy - A tangible demonstration of subtractive color theory, this cube not only thrills the senses but also educates. Ideal for introducing children to the wonders of color schemes and optical illusions, learning has never been this fun!

😌 A Sanctuary from Stress - Immerse yourself in the constantly evolving colorscape within the cube. Watch as colors flow and merge, a calming spectacle that soothes the mind and relieves stress and anxiety.

🎁 The Ideal Gift for Any Age – An engaging toy for both indoor and outdoor play, this cube appeals to boys, girls, adults, students, and office workers alike. Note: Not suitable for children under 4 years. Perfect as a birthday, Christmas, or get-well-soon gift.

Actual product might slightly differ from the image due to lighting and angle of photography. But we assure that the colors are more vibrant in reality. With a K9 Purity and available in sizes of 30mm, 40mm, and 60mm.

Engage in a playful exploration of colors and science with our CMY Crystal Cube. Experience tranquility and creativity like never before, one color shift at a time!

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